A Novel by P.L. Katz


When Pierre – a troubled war veteran – discovers his girlfriend Ellen is an expensive call girl, he has to make some hard decisions. Pierre has lost brothers fighting against political enemies in Afghanistan.  When he discovers that the very people Ellen services are profiting off the backs of other soldiers and other students like him, it throws his world over the edge and drags him back to a vow he made to himself on the battlefield.  Even as he plans the perfect murder, he is torn between the soldier protecting his country, the comrade in arms protecting his buddies, and the lover protecting his mate.

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P.L. Katz

Author P.L. Katz grew up in New Orleans attending public schools before graduating from LSU in 1968. While at LSU, he majored in mathematics and was captain of the LSU Wrestling Team where he was the SAAU Wrestling Champion at 167 pounds. Katz attended graduate school in at USL (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) majoring in Applied Mathematics before entering Law School.

As a practicing attorney, Katz worked as an Assistant District Attorney in Orleans, St. Tammany, and St. Bernard Parishes as well in the public defender’s office in New Orleans. In private practice, Katz worked in an insurance defense firm for one year before changing sides and representing injured people against the insurance industry and large corporations predominantly involved in auto and maritime accidents.

Katz lived in Covington, Louisiana on the northshore of Lake Ponchartrain for 20 years before moving to Boulder, Colorado where he now resides. He has three children enjoys all that Colorado has to offer, including hiking, skiing, river rafting, and snow shoeing.

Katz is also an avid traveler and has been to over 100 countries, most recently Sri Lanka. He began writing his novel “Disorder” while traveling alone on the Trans Siberian Railroad somewhere between Vladivostok and Novosibirsk in 2014.


This book is a legal thriller in which a decorated Afghan war veteran returns home to New Orleans to discover political corruption, business scandal, prostitution, and true love. Along the way, the reader learns the intricacies of how a murder trial is conducted from the writer, who is an accomplished trial lawyer. Fascinating and insightful!

– Charles Hecht-Leavitt

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