As part of my reading today, this headline caught my eye and reinforced my feelings on student loan debt being a detriment to our country. I found this on but it appeared on Business Insider as well.

Per the article, “According to a new report by Student Loan Hero, 13% of divorced borrowers cited their student loan debt in the dissolution of their marriages.This may come as no surprise in an age where student loan debt is climbing¬†— more than 44 million Americans are saddled with student loan debt, contributing to a whopping national total of $1.5 trillion. Not only has the percentage of students taking out student loans increased over the past decade, but so too has the amount of money they’ve been borrowing, Business Insider previously reported.”

This issue was brought up as part of the main plot of my book, Disorder. I stand by my belief that the student loan system in this country is broken and is a serious issue that needs addressing by our elected leaders.

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