I fall asleep almost immediately as the flight takes off.  9½ hours. I am not sure when I am awakened to “dinner” of chicken with rice, chick peas with a flan like pudding in a small square dish for desert.  I am asleep within a couple minutes after the tray is taken away. I set my watch to Melbourne time based on the big fellow sitting next to me. He miscalculates and tells me it’s 4:30am, in Melbourne it’s really 5:30am.  I fall asleep and sleep 6 hours until I need to go to the bathroom. With a little over 3 hours to go I take out my computer and work a bit on my log until I go back to sleep until breakfast is served.

We need to change planes for the last leg to Brisbane.  Although the bags are supposedly checked all the way through we must pick them up and take them though customs and bring them back to the check in desk. It is all a charade. There are hundreds of people on the flight. The line to go through customs is long. I didn’t see them open even one bag. I was concerned that all this was going to make us late for the flight to Brisbane.

We then find the Qantas’ check in line in the next terminal and give our bags to them for the last leg.  We have 30 minutes to spare.

The flight to Brisbane was pleasant. I fall asleep for most of it. Brisbane is an hour off from Melbourne because Brisbane doesn’t observe day light savings.

We take a cab to Adam’s apartment and I meet his two female roommates and the mother of one of them. They are all from Brazil and are not completely fluent in English.  Adam is exhausted as I am.  After I put my dirty clothing in his washing machine and then his dryer. I go out into the street and hail a cab.  Adam is too tired to drive me to my hotel.

If I weren’t so tired it would have been comical. I hail a cab and the cab drives me tow blocks!!  My efforts to get a place near Adam worked great. I didn’t need a cab! I was too tired to think of downloading the Brisbane map in maps.me when I was in Adam’s apartment.  If I had I would have known I was staying walking distance from his apartment.

As soon as I got into my room I took a shower and went to sleep.